Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Paulis Postažs "Exhibition before exhibition" 04.10.2010. - 11.10.2010

I am glad to introduce you with next exhibition by P.Postažs "Exhibition before exhibition".

This is a painting of the light, what reveals us the truth. All Paulis Postaž's paintings process this presence of the light in the literal and figurative tense. Here realities are twisted, and their bounds cannot be separated. He himself transfers those realities, then lets then float together again, dissolve, - enabling the viewer  to breath free in this radiance. From the glisting of the light on a women's brittle shoulder to the tarnish on a sharry's moist side.

After this painting paintings by P.Postažs will be shipped to his exhibition in the gallery d'Haudrency in Belgium.

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